About Dr. Jen

Author, Speaker, Intuitive Healer, Change Agent

Dr. Jen Furcht is a Master of BioEnergy and intuitive coach. Through extensive training and travel around the world, Dr. Jen has learned and experienced how to integrate Eastern and Western aspects of healing. Having been called the Indiana Jones of Spirituality, Dr. Jen provides the treasures that she’s discovered & created along her journey and delivers empowerment training for the individual, groups, and businesses. An author, speaker, and healer, Dr. Jen has owned and operated a physical and online wellness practice for over 15 years.

She uses her techniques and gifts to help clients transform their lives. A “fast-track” to source—Dr. Jen is truly gifted at clearing her client’s road-blocks and blind-spots that stand in their way, make an impact, and manifest abundance.

You are the Gateway to thriving! Your treatment took me from flight/freeze to an open and expansive place of freedom in my body! Thank you.  -Jane