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Do you feel like you have “tried it all”, yet you still have pain in the body, anxiety, fear of moving forward, a lack of self-worth, financial issues, or you still feel stuck in old relationship habits? The Truth Unplugged will guide you to find the missing pieces in the transformation you seek.  Ask questions about real life, gain perspective, listen to many expert interviews and keep the truth unplugged. Lead by BioEnergy Master, Author and Healer Dr. Jen Furcht, this podcast is about life and how to utilize the power of you to feel good in the body, find love, reach prosperity, and motivate your whole self into feeling magnificent. It will help you glue the missing pieces together in order for you to turn your doubts into confidence. Dr. Jen will also help you fill in the gaps to reach the goals you desire to create prosperity. We can get to this success together when we recognize the Truth of how the body’s energy works and how it influences our actions.  If you have a body, you have a solution!

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