Meet Dr. Jen

Many of my clients across the world have the same story: “I tried everything, then I found you and your guidance. It’s magic.”

Although being called a magician makes me smile, the real truth is: you’re the one who is magic already. All the tools of healing, manifestation, and empowerment are already inside you!

My journey to discover the source of this inner-magic began with her dying wish—her name was Siggy. This particular client propelled my journey by asking me to find a way that people could practice the kind of healing I do in my physical office in their day-to-day lives. Siggy was terminally ill, and we met in the last month of her life. Her goal was to be as comfortable in her own body as she could during her final weeks. After a few sessions, she challenged me point-blank: “People go their whole lives without knowing something like this exists. You need to get this message and technique out there to show people, ‘yes there is something more.’”

She and many others, articulated my calling and impelled me to study the best energy healing techniques across the globe. Honing these technologies for 15 years in my physical and online wellness practice, I rediscovered ancient techniques then modernized them for today’s thought leaders and game-changers, like you…